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Funeral Arrangements

When a loved one passes away, many families aren't sure what needs to be done. At Richter Funerals we make every effort to remove the stress and uncertainty. Irrespective of the circumstances, we are able to assist you to follow the correct procedures.

If someone has died of natural causes, you can call us any time of day or night to collect your loved one. The family doctor needs to be advised so he/she can issue a death certificate, recording the cause of death. If the death happens at a medical facility or hospital, the attending doctor will issue the medical certificate. In both cases, Richter Funerals will liaise with the medical practitioners to secure these documents.

If someone has died of unnatural causes, this must be reported to the police, after which you can contact us to assist. The deceased will be removed by the forensic pathologist and taken to a state mortuary. A medical certificate will only be issued once an autopsy has been performed to determine the cause of death. Once the
medical certificate has been issued, and the family has identified the deceased, the deceased can be released to us.

In either case, we are available to assist at any hour of day or night and will contact you the following day to arrange for a convenient time and place to make funeral arrangements.

Documents you will need when making funeral arrangements:
The identity document of the deceased and any funeral policy or prepaid funeral contract, irrespective of who issued it.

Decisions you will need to make when making funeral arrangements:
Would you prefer a burial or cremation, memorial or graveside service?
When, where and what time will the service be held?
Do you need a minister or organist? (These can be arranged by us).
Would you prefer a coffin or a casket?
How do you wish the deceased to be dressed.
Would the family like to view the deceased prior to the service.
Are flower arrangements needed on the coffin and at the service?
Hymns and special music need to be selected.
Pall bearers need to be appointed.
Will anyone be delivering a eulogy?
Funeral notices need to be placed in newspapers and online.
Will there be refreshments served following the service?
What to do with the ashes following the cremation.

This list may seem rather daunting, however our team is able to work with you and your family to make a difficult time easier.