ALL-HOURS SERVICE NUMBERS: East London 043 726 0560 | King William's Town 043 643 3674

COVID-19 Lockdown

We are available to deliver essential services during the national Covid-19 lockdown period.
East London 043 726 0560     
King William's Town 043 643 3674
Funeral Services have been categorised as Essential Services and Richter Funerals is able to assist you with funeral, cremation and related services during the 21-day lockdown period. (Disaster Management Act, 2002 Amendment of Regulations issued on 25 March 2020 - see point 11 under Essential Services).

According to the regulations issued by the South African Government, funeral and cremation services will be strictly limited to 50 people (subject to revision) and will not be regarded as a prohibited gathering. All safety precautions must be adhered to and
no night vigils will be allowed. 

In an attempt to minimise personal contact, we would prefer policy premiums be paid electronically, however we will have staff to assist clients at our offices. Should you have any questions or require a callback during office hours, please use the contact numbers above or send SMS, Whatsapp or PleaseCallMe to 0823769968. 

 Our prayers and thoughts are with the families that must say goodbye to their loved ones during this extremely difficult time.

 COVID-19 Lockdown Information